CCTV surveys

We carry out CCTV Drain Surveys using our fully insured CCTV Drain and Sewer Survey technology van.

Drain and Sewer CCTV Surveys are carried out to the highest environmental standards. Specialising in colour DVD imaging and coding on site thereby making sure there is no downtime, waiting for the results to come back.

As one of the leaders in CCTV drain surveys, we invest heavily in the latest technology to fix your drainage troubles – quickly and at competitive prices.

We provide CCTV surveys utilizing the latest technology which permits our highly trained, engineers to explore faulty pipelines, drains and sewage systems remotely, sending out a camera right into the heart of the clog. We will identify precisely the issue from close-up imagery during the survey and afterwards exercise the most basic, quickest and most economical way to put right any structural issues, before you’ve suffered the cost and aggravation of excavating to the fault.

We are also able to provide you with a DVD copy of what we have discovered along with a report, explaining in full your drainage problems inch-by-inch. So, with Advance Drains CCTV technology, you can trust we will put it right, every inch of the way.

Use of CCTV Surveys include:

  • Allows drain problems to be identified without costly trial digs
  • Assists in the cleaning of pipelines and culverts
  • Checks the structural condition of drains and pipework
  • Investigate the causes of blockages
  • Verify drain layout
  • Manhole surveys
  • Provides information following cleaning or refurbishment
  • Enables engineers and surveyors to check on the structure of a drainage system
  • Fully equipped with the latest in digital camera technology
  • Survey of pipes as small as 3” diameter up to the largest culverts
  • Uses a pan and tilt facility to inspect every inch of pipe in minute detail
  • Manually operated
  • Full report prepared by our specialist engineer

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