Our modern techniques mean that we are able to access drains with minimal disruption.

Drains and pipes deal with the disposal of a wide variety of waste every day, from fats, oils and grease to sanitary waste. These waste products can accumulate in your drains over time and cause blockages and damage to the lining and the casing of the drain pipes.

When damage occurs it’s not always necessary to replace the entire drain pipe. If it’s just the lining that has worn away then re-lining the defective area of pipework is cost-effective, quick, and minimally disruptive.

Advance Drain Services offer drain lining services nationwide.  Our modern techniques mean that we can access drains with minimal disruption. We use the nearest manhole to get to the pipe and repair it by inserting the new lining in and inflating it until it makes contact with the existing pipe.

We are able to offer full or part length repairs as well as localised patch repairs on drainage pipes.

If you require assistance with drain lining please feel free to contact us on 01622 470118 or email to drainage@advance.fm  We will be happy to provide a free of charge quotation before works commence.

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