It is the responsibility of the homeowner to replace lead pipes within the boundary of the property. While it is not a legal requirement to replace them, over time lead from these old style pipes can get into your drinking water and potentially cause damage to your health.

Replacing pipework may seem like a daunting task, but Advance Drain Services are able to help with ease.  Should it be that you are upsizing or relocating the water supply, replacing lead piping, poor water quality or insufficient water pressure we will be able to help.

What's involved in replacing pipework?

These are the 2 most common methods used to replace water main pipes:

Digging trenches - Digging a trench requires excavating the entire length of the pipe that needs to be replaced. Unfortunately this is impossible with some properties. If this is the case, we would look to use the moling method. Under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, should it be nessary to dig up under a public footpath you will be required to gain permission from your local council before works can commence.

Moling method - This method is to be used should it not be possible to dig a trench at your property. The moling method involves minimal service disruption and is often quicker than digging a trench. Moling is the process of firing pipework in a straight line from one pit to another. Benefits to using this method include less disruption, lower costs (as there are fewer excavations) and it is less labour intensive.

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